Burning Desire: Do you want to lose 5 pounds of fat quickly without starving?
Stimulate your metabolism with the following eating plan:

torn. cut. tearing down. All the different labels describe the ultimate goal of the bodybuilder – to send the unwanted body fat filling while keeping the hard-earned muscle mass in place. Although the way you eat less calories than usual each day with calories burned by exercise is definitely the foundation of six packages, many of us soon discover that this approach ultimately fails.

Highlands, those stubborn barriers where body fat seems to stick to your frame no matter how hard you exercise or how accurate calories are, and prevent many of us from achieving low levels of body fat. Worse still, plateaus are often so frustrating that they lead to recent unhealthy efforts, including low-carbohydrate diets or massive amounts of heart disease, as well as an increasingly low calorie intake. The best solution is a rotary diet, unlike a chronic diet, helps to create a calorie deficit while maintaining your metabolism.

Blowing yourself is a big mistake

Most diet strategies are based on a caloric deficit approach: eat less fuel then the body needs each day, which creates a deficit in energy and responds to the body by calling the body fat as fuel. However, a low-calorie diet in the hope of finding a quick solution will only prepare you for failure.

Starving yourself drains your energy and you can not exercise, so you can not change the way you look. Acute calorie reduction leads to a slowdown in metabolic rate – the total amount of calories burned in a day – and slow metabolism is the desire for death for anyone seeking a solid body.

Research suggests that the thyroid gland, the source of thyroid hormones that ultimately help determine metabolic rate, quickly interacts with the famine diet. When you eat low amounts of calories, your body reduces the secretion of thyroid hormone, which reduces the metabolic rate. Other adverse effects of hunger include an increase in body fat storage enzymes. One enzyme called lipoprotein lipase (LPL) works as a gatekeeper, allowing fatty acids to flow in and out of fat cells. While minor decreases in calories cause a decrease in LPL activity, giving fatty acids the freedom to flow from fat cells, however, excessive calorie reduction increases LPL effectiveness. In tune with low levels of thyroid hormone, this causes the body to hold stored body fat.

While extreme calorie cuts look like tossing a food monkey in the fat loss equation, thermal surpluses or over-eating are another puzzling effect. Not only increases body fat, but over-eating may lead to a moderate increase in thyroid levels and an increase in stimulant hormones that help support muscle mass such as growth hormone, testosterone and IGF-1.

A better way to enjoy your diet

The rotation method is used to get the food and feeding system apart. The first requires reducing calories by reducing the amount of daily carbohydrates by 50% for 2-4 days. Since long periods of diet can slow the metabolism, one day “eating” where you can increase your carbohydrate intake by 50% higher than the normal range can avoid any possible slowdown. For example, a person who currently eats 400 grams of carbohydrates per day will reduce his daily intake to 200 grams for 2-4 days. After that, it turns in the eating phase and increases the carbohydrates to 600 grams for one day. This provides a mental rest from dieting, reduces the volume of metabolic slowdown, and can boost testosterone, hormone growth and IGF levels enough to help maintain muscles promoting metabolism. After one day of high carbohydrate, he will return to the diet stage.

Eating more carbohydrates in the eating phase can quickly reverse a stressful environment and loss of muscle associated with many diets by increasing insulin levels and re-saturation of muscles with their primary source for the training of organic glycogen stored in fuel. With a chronic diet and low carbohydrate intake, in contrast, glycogen stores and insulin levels remain low constantly. While eating low amounts of calories, taking out modified insulin and low glycogen stores are factors that affect fat loss, the three can also cause a slide into a cystic state where the body burns a protein from the muscle tissue to get fuel. You walk on a very fine line between progress and plateau.

Burning Desire: Do you want to lose 5 pounds of fat quickly without starving


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