Change the way I looked at the food

This is my journey … Weight loss was not an easy route, but I achieved the goal I fought for many years. Unlike many, I did not have a weight problem during growth. At the age of 18, I was 5’2, I was only 115 lbs. But for some reason, I thought I was overweight. Later in life, I realized that I had a distorted picture of myself. This is another story for another time.

Right now, this is about fighting with adult obesity. At the time I was 44 years old, I found myself up to 250 pounds. How can I allow myself to reach this point? Was it one of the three pregnancies I got? Or have you been a victim of my own environment? Does this help anyone if I blame my weight on others? I can write a long list of excuses. Blaming everyone. Why waste valuable energy?

For years I’ve been telling myself I’ll definitely lose weight. I marked the calendar Monday, Wednesday and Saturday like the days I would be working on. Every time he failed. I failed because I continued to make excuses for not having time to go to GYM. Who will watch my children because I have become selfish by taking time away from them to practice. Although they provide childcare to parents. I made excuses. The fact is I do not want to spend extra money. There was a list of excuses that filled my mind.

I found myself in a lot of pain. Always complain about the knees and swallow the knees. The way she barely managed to get out of bed without crying from painful painful lower back pain. I do not like going to the doctors. It was like going to the manager’s office. I had to prepare for bad news.

“Ms. Rivera, your knees have lost all the cartilage,” said the doctor. She explained that the cartilage is the spongy part of the bones, which she told me he had disappeared. “You’ll need to replace your knee, but you need to lose weight initially.” She treated me as if I were more than 800 pounds. I’m only 250, but here we are talking about knee surgery. I have seen some of my loved ones who are also overweight who have undergone knee replacement and are not alike. I was not going to go through this hell. Not possible.

Unfortunately, this has not motivated me to lose weight. I was a single mother, unhappy with the way I felt and entered the mirror. I had developed a double chin. My clothes did not seem to fit right. I can barely move. I did not know the young woman of Hispanic origin anymore.

When I took my son to a theme park, I felt very embarrassed because either the creator of the planets made the seats smaller or my ass was bigger than I thought. I hardly fit on horseback riding. As soon as I stuck myself in the seats, I had great difficulty in putting and harnessing seatbelts. I usually had a worker come and press the belt until he clicked it. The moment I took off I felt that this was the moment I was dying because of my weight. However, this has not motivated me to lose weight.

I’m afraid shopping to buy clothes. Nothing fits right. It was like Goldie and the three bears, except even the big stuff, just did not fit right. I have a hourglass shape. This means that my head is small, my waist is smaller, but my hips are big. Women’s clothes are not made to look like me. I must get everything. This is very frustrating. Being, only 5’2, which means that the regular size pants too long and small sizes too short.

There are some situations that may be why women in my age may gain weight and have difficulty losing. Here are a few reasons I thought were the reasons behind these weight loss problems:

1. Age – Age is a big factor why the pounds only stick to the bones. When I was young I managed to go back to eat what I wanted, but over time and dangerous, I realized that the humor that I consumed was not my friend. I walked without notice, the pound moved right in and I did not drive them away. It was not easy. Something inside me had to change. What, I did not know?

2. Food – Comfort in every corner. Live busy work, school and family, who has time to cook a balanced meal. If I did, I did not have control over my parts. Finally, there is a war of metabolism.

3. Metabolism – When young people were metabolized work for extra hours even when sleeping. At some point in my life, my metabolism got lazy. I got married. A year later, I was pregnant, but I am still

Change the way I looked at the food


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