Type 2 Diabetes And Weight Loss – Do You Eat At A Time You Feel Hungry

Stay tuned, this advice is not controversial, so there is no reason to doubt. We will not suggest you try some crazy diets just to lose weight or control type 2 diabetes. There are healthy ways to deal with these issues, and the idea is to discuss what works well without consequences. However, we still believe that you should not eat immediately when you feel hungry. Most likely you will realize that it is not “real” hunger. True hunger is said to occur when you exceed 12 hours without eating, or when you deprive yourself excessively.

When is the last time you went to a blood test? Usually, it is usually recommended to go for twelve hours without eating any food before taking blood tests. It is not complicated that this period lasts without eating when you include the hours you sleep within 12 hours. All you have to do is delay or skip breakfast.

Maybe you were hungry, but did you feel hungry? Some may say that 12 hours without eating is enough to leave them in a state of complete slumber and desperate to eat a meal. But we say that this is only a fast period, and your body can handle it well most of the time.

This is not a medical advice, but even 16 to 24 hours of fasting will not stimulate real hunger, and can be helpful as well. But this is out of the question. What matters here is that you should not take the first hunger pains since another eating means you need to eat “right now”. In most cases, you should postpone the next meal. This is especially the case if you are doing your best to lose weight, but it is essential if you are looking to lower your blood sugar. You will make it hard for yourself to eat every time you feel when treating type 2 diabetes. You need to control high blood sugar, otherwise, your insulin function will not return to a healthy level.

Eating less often is the way to go. It is not a solution in itself, but it helps. Also, when you get used to eating frequently and long periods between meals, you will facilitate weight loss. Two meals a day for example often enough adjustment to induce weight loss on their own. Try it yourself.

Learn to tame your hunger. Eat when you are more vulnerable to hunger. As a bonus, you will enjoy more meals as well.

Although managing your illness can be very difficult, type 2 diabetes is not a condition you should live with. You can make simple changes to your daily routine and reduce both your weight and your blood sugar levels. Wait there, and the longer it is, the easier it becomes.


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